Ebay haul

Sorry for the late update, I was busy with my exams but now both my exams and first year of college are finally over so I can be here as much as I want now. :)

As a reward for my successful exam results I bought myself on ebay two things I've been craving for for a while - Rivet collar lapel sleeveless dress and LYDC satchel bag. I'm so happy about my purchase! 
And if you think those dress look familiar, then you've probably seen them on SheInside. The only difference is that on SheInside you get these dress for $33 unlike from ebay where it costs around $23. And no, there is no "fake" and "branded", those are two identical dress, trust me! ;)

Btw I have many products I want to review so this blog won't be abandoned anymore. ;)

xo Carol

How to get expensive Asian cosmetics for cheap.

Following tips might not be something revolutionary and probably won't take your breath away. I suppose many people already use this method.

So how to get an expensive Asian cosmetic products for much cheaper? The magic word is: samples. Nothing overwhelming, right? The only things you need are:

  empty and clean package of your previous cream
  and samples, of course

The main thing is: Where to buy samples? I usually buy my samples on ebay, you can try out these sellers: oliveworld, smilespoonhellocosmeticsjessiemarkettopinkgirl or try out this amazing site which has in its database all samples available on ebay: travel-samplesizes.com. Or you can just try ebay search engine, there are plenty of other sample sellers. :)

And then, when you already have your samples, you just squeeze and squeeze and squeeze all your samples into your empty package. Trust me, it's much more convenient like that because if you apply the product right from the small sample packaging, you'll soon get tired of it and another big disadvantage of this is that every little sample usually have 1 ml (which is sometimes quite a lot for only one-time use) so if you order 50 ml, you'll be able to use it only 50 times so it will be gone much faster. Because usually you really need only half of the amount which is in the sample.

Also you should be aware that samples are here to be used only as a part of promotion and shouldn't replace the purchase of full-size products. So you shouldn't do this too often and if you really like the product, it would be nice to purchase the full-size package to support the company. :)

Review: Laneige Water Sleeping Pack

So today's review is about one of my all time favourite products. There are so many reviews about this sleeping pack and I'm not even surprised that it's one of Laneige's bestsellers. You might already know that I suffer from dry skin and even if I buy a product which says "hydrating" it does nothing to my skin. But this sleeping pack really does what it says. You apply it in the evening and wake up with a wonderfully moisturized skin. It doesn't irritate me or whatsoever, smells very nice and it also feels very light on your face. It's more watery than normal creams but not runny. You will also get a small stick inside the package which can help you measure the right amount but I don't use that, I'm totally fine with fingers only. ;) Also inside the package you can find instructions which will tell you all the details about the product. BUT the instructions say that you should apply the sleeping pack just a short time before you go to bed. Well I have to disagree with that because I apply it at least 1 hour before I go to sleep, otherwise all the product will be smeared on a pillow.

So in conclusion this is totally amazing product and a must-have for everyone with a dry skin. If you have an oily skin, I wouldn't recommend this for you because among all the reviews I read most of the negative ones were from people with an oily skin... But all other skin types should be fine. :)

Rating:  5/5

My most favourite youtubers

So I was thinking I could share my most favourite youtubers with you. Because lately I've been spending a lot of time on youtube and I was also thinking about making my own videos... But if that happens, it won't be sooner than in summer. 

Anyways here's the list of my favourite youtubers. Of course I'm subscribed to much more channels... However these are people whose videos I watch the most. 

Those of you who are k-pop fans probably know them. Simon and Martina are a married couple from Canada and they've been living in South Korea for a while now. They make funny reviews on new k-pop music videos as well videos where they talk about Korean culture and cuisine. They're actually pretty famous in Korea. You can also check their amazing website.

• • •

Review: Skinfood - Black Sugar Mask

Today's review is about my most favourite facial mask and one of Skinfood's bestsellers. The great thing about this product is that it's both mask and a facial scrub. It contains black sugar ingredient where you can find minerals and vitamins and as scrub it exfoliates dead skin cells leaving your skin super smooth. It also has benefits of hydration and skin revitalization. I must admit that it looks a bit gross but it smells so good! Really, I totally love the scent of this product, it makes me want to lick it off of my face. ^^ And when I finish this one, I'm definitely buying it again.

It's also for all skin types and the price is only about $10 which is amazing. :) So if you're looking for a good mask and a great scrub at the same time, you should definitely try this one. 

Rating:  5/5