How to get expensive Asian cosmetics for cheap.

Following tips might not be something revolutionary and probably won't take your breath away. I suppose many people already use this method.

So how to get an expensive Asian cosmetic products for much cheaper? The magic word is: samples. Nothing overwhelming, right? The only things you need are:

  empty and clean package of your previous cream
  and samples, of course

The main thing is: Where to buy samples? I usually buy my samples on ebay, you can try out these sellers: oliveworld, smilespoonhellocosmeticsjessiemarkettopinkgirl or try out this amazing site which has in its database all samples available on ebay: Or you can just try ebay search engine, there are plenty of other sample sellers. :)

And then, when you already have your samples, you just squeeze and squeeze and squeeze all your samples into your empty package. Trust me, it's much more convenient like that because if you apply the product right from the small sample packaging, you'll soon get tired of it and another big disadvantage of this is that every little sample usually have 1 ml (which is sometimes quite a lot for only one-time use) so if you order 50 ml, you'll be able to use it only 50 times so it will be gone much faster. Because usually you really need only half of the amount which is in the sample.

Also you should be aware that samples are here to be used only as a part of promotion and shouldn't replace the purchase of full-size products. So you shouldn't do this too often and if you really like the product, it would be nice to purchase the full-size package to support the company. :)


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    PS: This is such a good tip! I have so many samples I don't use! O_O Maybe it's about time I use them. :p Hahaha!

  2. now i only know that we could buy sample = =||| hahaha usually i take it for free ~

  3. Oh nice, thank you for this information! ^^

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  5. I have the same issue with samples - too much for one use!

  6. I just learned that for half year ago!

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  7. omg that never came to my mind! But is buying samples really much cheaper? I always thought smaples would be more expensive :o But thanks for sharing this haha :D I will try this tip once in a while too :3