Review: Oil-free moisturiser by Neutrogena

Today I'll show you this great product by Neutrogena. Generally I like Neutrogena's products - the quality is really good and the price is very acceptable.

The product is an oil-free moisturiser which provides great hydration and smoothes your skin. And it didn't break me out. I also love the cooling effect on my face which lasts even a long time after applying it. However as my skin is extremly dry it doesn't give me the moisture I need. But if you have an oily skin, you should definitely go for it. :)

A big disadvantage is that it lacks is uv protection... That's why I can only use it under my BB cream with uv protevtion but not just as a single thing on my face. However there are moisturisers by Neutrogena which provide uv protection, I just didn't know it while buying this one. Never mind, maybe next time. :)

Rating:  3/5


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  2. Would love to try this product :) heard that Neutrogena was not bad. Thanks for the review!

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