Clothes from Vienna

In one of previous articles I wrote about my trip to Vienna. The last day was dedicated to shopping so here I'm putting photos of clothes I bought there.

long T-shirt: Promod (I wear this with leggings, it looks great) ║ sweatshirt: Forever21

purple T-shirt: Forever 21 ║ black & white T-shirt: Forever 21

sweater: Forever21 (OK I don't even like this sweater at all and I already have a similar sweater but in Forever21 there was a special offer when you buy one labeled stuff you will get the cheaper one for free. So I bought the sweatshirt in the 1st picture and I got this FOR FREE so... Not bad at least for home use.)


  1. i heart your sweatshirt! also the dress <3 wish i could go to vienna someday haha

  2. skvěle si ve Vídni nakoupila:)!

  3. You pick very lovely items! Cute sweatshirt! Will you post your look wearing all those new stuff? :)


    1. Well I was thinking about that... and I'd love to .... but I'm not very good at taking photos of my whole body. :) But I'll surely try it one day. ;)

  4. první dvě věci jsou skvělé!
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