Review: TonyMoly Aqua Aura Serum

Sorry I know I haven't written here anything for so long but this is gonna change! ^^

A couple of days ago I purchased on kpoptown this Aqua Aura serum by TonyMoly for $13.90. I think the price for size of 50 ml is really attractive. And believe it or not, it actually works! For me it's quite difficult fo find a product which would hydrate my extremly dry skin but this was a nice surprise. Well I'm not saying that only with this I don't need to use any more hydrating products... Because I still need to use plenty of them! But after application I do feel that my skin is a bit more moisturized. And that feels really nice.

But there are also two things which I dislike: scent and weight. The scent is really too strong for me and it doesn't even smell very nice to me. And since the bottle is made of glass or whatever it is, it's extremly heavy and you need to be very careful not to drop it.

But for the price it's a very good product and if you have a dry skin, you should give it a try. ;)

Rating:  4/5

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