Here I go again.

Let's make some applause for my first post in blogspot EVER!

I was fed up of, I couldn't stand all the server errors all the time... AND I really wished to write in English so more people can understand it, not only Czechs.

I might miss my previous blog (I think that was the best web design I've EVER made) however I want to try something new. And I hope I'll figure out all the stuff about making fabulous design in here and so on... Just give me some time. :)


  1. Funny, I named one of my first articles here on blogspot the same :D
    I've also thought about writing a blog in English, but I always stop at the first English written article :D
    I really like this design. And welcome, btw :D
    (Je hodně divný psát anglicky komentáře někomu, kdo mluví česky :D )

    1. Did you? Haha that's a nice coincidence. :D
      Btw it's not necessary to write in English in here, tak si piš jak je libo, přečtu vše. :D :))

    2. Ono to tak nějak nutí člověka odpovídat v tom jazyce, na který reaguje. Takže prosím, nepiš nic ve finštině nebo nějaké asijštině, tolik slovníků doma nemám :D

  2. looking forward to more posts

  3. I've been thinking about writing in English on my blog too because I want to improve my English skills (3 hours a week of English at school is just not enough), but I think I'll write forever in Czech there. That's the only way I can really clear my mind. Besides I don't think I'm that good in English so I don't want to embarass me in public :D. But I'm glad I can read some English blog now and try to respond in the same language :).

  4. Welcome to blogosphere honey:)

    You look great!

    Shubhi's Revels!