Tough times...

I was always complaining how much school is boring when we learnt... And now I'm complaining how boring it is when we DON'T learn....because there are only 3 more days till the end of this school year.

And it'll actually be much WORSE since this is the last year of my student times at high school... And then university... So in one month's time I have to pass school-leaving examination from Czech, English, Economy and Accountancy... And that's quite frustrating because I feel like I don't know ANYTHING. :(

Just hold on and get through it... And than brighter future is waiting for me - at least I hope so.

If you don't know MBLAQ, you won't think this is funny... But I could laugh my ass off seeing that pic. :D


  1. I just HATE when we don't learn at school, for example when they force us to participate at some school project that are really "fun"... I'm not a nerd, but if we don't learn, for me it's just wasting my money for the bus.

  2. I know school is boring, but often so is college. I'm graduating in a month from Uni and I'm terrified of the future. No more safety net. I can't imagine how I'll manage..

    xo Joana

  3. oh tell me, my school don't teatch me anything. -_- luckily you have almost vacation!

  4. thanks for the comment dear:) well it's lee joon on your gif right? xD i know mblaq. wanna follow each other?

  5. mblaq's going to have a concert in my country pn june ^^ im so excited! cant find the follow button in ur blog :(

  6. followed!they'll go to your country someday :)i also want to watch infinite T.T